Strengthening Leaders in Manufacturing

Executive consulting and coaching for small to mid-sized organizations and professionals that collaboratively identify potential areas for growth.

Puffin Coaching & Consulting is fully committed to ensuring that our partner clients achieve desired objective results and financial value.

With years of executive leadership experience, Puffin Coaching & Consulting effectively identifies and advances growth at the personal, organizational, and/or community levels.

It starts here! Secure a complimentary 15-minute consultation with Executive Coach, Mike Mallwitz, to identify opportunities for improvement.

Servant Leadership for Real People, Real Professionals

With a genuine passion for people and the manufacturing industry, Puffin Coaching & Consulting is driven to achieve open communication and creative thinking, meaningful growth targets, and successful outcomes for advancing professionals in their leadership careers, as well as improved organizational success.

Meet Executive Coach: Mike Mallwitz

Being a focused, process improvement leader and coach for over 30 years, Mike Mallwitz has gained considerable knowledge and best practices that he has used and shared with others. Supporting the improvement of businesses, professionals and volunteer organizations is his main objective. Having spent most of his professional career as a leader and executive in the Manufacturing industry…”